G. Matt Johnson

Constitution Party Candidate for U.S. Congress

"South Dakota Statesman"

About G Matt Johnson

My Work Experience

  • TravelHero.com - Owner and founder.  Pioneered and created many of the ways in which online travel works and is used today. 
  • Panhandle Cooperative - President.  A company with over 500 employees and 50 million in sales annually.
  • Farmland Industries - (Fortune 500 company)  Petroleum assets manager.
  • U.S. Power Systems - (publicly traded company) Corporate Secretary overseeing refinery development.  
  • Viking Petroleum - Owner and President.  Oil field fuel and service company, Prudhoe Bay Alaska.
  • Fairbanks Ramp Service - Owner and president of an aircraft business serving interior Alaska.  
  • Chemist - State of Alaska.  
  • Graduate of Dakota State University - Madison SD.
  • US Army Veteran - Vietnam War era.  

Why Matt Johnson for Congress

  • After my discharge from the US Army, I thought my service to my country was at an end.  However, over the past few decades I have seen our country's moral fabric deteriorate.  The quality of our nation’s leaders has been in decline for nearly 100 years due to their own self interests.  Gone are the true Statesmen.

  • I am declaring my candidacy for the US House of Representatives to give a voice to the people of South Dakota.  A voice that will represent the values, integrity, morality and character of the people that makes up this great State.  Of course “Job One” will be to look out for the best interests of our State.  Beyond that, I will work diligently to get this country back on track according to our mid-western values, while at the same time endeavoring to ensure our rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

  • Our Constitution is under attack like never before.  The First Amendment only seems to work for the Liberals in many cases these days.  Conservative speakers are no longer welcome to speak at some of our major universities and other venues as well.  So, no opposing view and therefore no forum for civilized reason.  It is even worse with the Second Amendment.  Every time there is a horrible shooting in this country it is the “gun” that did it.  There is little said in the media about solving the real problems like violent movies, video games, mental illness, poor parenting and other social ills. 

  • I am a Constitutionalist.  I want the Constitution interpreted as our founding Fathers intended.  It is not a living document.  If it's to be changed it is to be done so legally, not with Executive Orders, not by legislating from the judicial court bench and certainly not with people marching in the streets demanding that gun rights be chiseled away bit by bit until they are gone.

  • Lastly, I believe the US Constitution to be a truly masterful work; a true accomplishment crafted by brilliant Statesmen.  Still, it is not perfect.   The framers of the Constitution failed to set term limits for Congress.  These fine Statesmen never could have imagined the degree to which their own virtues would be so eroded.  How could the founding fathers know that their shoes would be filled by career politicians that allow personal greed and power to supersede their National duty?  Yes, I stand for term limits!

  • As stated, Job 1 for me is South Dakota.  In the case of the United States leadership, Job 1 for the President and the Congress is National Security.  I pledge to support National Security and the required means to achieve it.  This includes walls on our borders as needed for security, human trafficking, drugs and fair commerce.

  • As your US House Representative I will give my full support to President Trump in his effort to “Drain the Swamp.”  Bureaucrats need to be productive and efficient.  All Federal employees, regardless of their lofty office need to be held accountable to the citizens of this country and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law when they act against it.  I will also fight to end Obama Care and to repeal Executive Orders that were made to circumvent Congress.   Immigration reform is a high priority.

  • I will also work to get congress to fund projects they have already approved before making more promises to more projects.  This directly affects South Dakota.  We have projects that have been approved by Congress and Federal funds have been promised, but the money is not forthcoming.  This adversely affects ongoing projects in our state that were deemed important and therefore approved.

  • Agriculture is not just a business in South Dakota; it’s a way of life.  I will not let arbitrary Washington decisions erode the legacy of our hard working farm and ranch men and women.  We must feed the world affordably and profitably.

  • It is for these reasons that I choose to come out of retirement and serve my State and Country once more.  I believe that my considerable life experience will afford me to act on your behalf with courage, knowledge, wisdom, and faith.  And lastly, I pledge to conduct myself as a true Statesman.  God Bless You All!

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